Hotel Safety

 In today’s environment of litigation, a slip and fall accident can devastate your bottom line. Hoteliers need to be proactive in protecting their guests and themselves. 

We can help you eliminate injuries and liabilities of slip and fall accidents with the application of our state of the art non-slip treatments and products.

Common  Hazard Areas
  • Bathtubs ( A bathtub with a static coefficient of less than .40 is considered negligent per F462-7)
  • Tile Showers
  • Entry Ways
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchen Areas
  • Dining Rooms
  • Pool Areas
Our Solution for your Porcelain and Enamel bathtub

Problem: Bathmats carry an average cost of around seven dollars each and is usually needing to be replaced once a month due to build up of bacteria and normal wear and tear. That's a eighty-four dollar a year expense per room, plus the extra time it cost to clean after each use.
Answer: SureStep can treat each tub with our unique chemical treatment which creates an invisible tread design onto the base of the bathtub without altering the color or appearance of the surface being treated. A bathtub treated with SureStep is safer wet than when dry, and comes with a one year Guarantee!
Not only will it save you money, but your customers will be safer.

Fiberglass tubs: SureStep is not designed to treat fiberglass so we have a solution that will still save you money and time.

Our patented bathmat surface
•12 times greater slip resistance than minimum standards
•Scientifically created antibacterial material
•2 year warranty
•Available in white, almond and clear
•Available with custom names and logos

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