Is your home slip proof?

The same SureStep treatments used on commercial properties are available for all of your home surfaces as well.


How safe  is your bathroom?

Get rid of the bath mats and the bacteria that they grow once and for all. Make your tubs and showers safe for your entire family and never have to remove a bath mat before cleaning the tub again.

Only $89.95 treats your first bathtub and $59.95 each additional bathtub. The Coeffecient Friction Reading after treatment is guaranteed  for 5 years.

How safe  is your kitchen, pool area or entrances?
SureStep can help with all of your floor safety needs.


Written Guarantee!
Since we use the same effective applications as commercial properties and your home doesn't endure the same heavy traffic SureStep offers an even longer guarantee for your home surfaces. Please contact us for details.
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